Along with our residential investments, RLG also offers the following services .....


Removing old interior wall and ceiling coverings can be a very dirty and time consuming job. It's not always as fun as they make it out to be in a five minute clip on the DIY shows.  We can save you the hassle and mess and get you down to the studs so you can update wiring, plumbing and insulation before the new walls and ceilings go on. So if it's a kitchen or bathroom remodel your taking on or just the need to remove old and failing horse hair plaster, we can help. RLG provides complete removal, clean up and disposal of all old wall coverings, cabinets, old plumbing fixtures, carpets and floors.


For over twenty five  years, RLG has been serving homeowners and builders with professional wallboard installation and quality plaster finishes.  Owner operated and dedicated to excellent service, we provide wallboard and plaster for new homes, additions, finished basements and all kitchen, bath and general remodels.


 All of our investment properties that we remodel are professionally painted by RLG. We offer that same professional service to our customers on most of our new plaster work.